Comment on any page of the internet.

oComments (a.k.a Open Comments) is a layer on top of the web that lets you comment on any page of the internet with no risk of your voice being muffled.

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oComments is only available on Google Chrome

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Comments for all

Comment freely on any page of the internet, even pages where comments have been disabled.


Stop fake news

Many news sites will publish something and not allow you to speak your voice. With oComments, you can state the real facts.


One login for comments everywhere

Instead of commenting at the bottom of the page on a typical website, oComments installs a browser plugin that, when clicked, brings up the comments for that page.


Malicious free

We display real names to help reduce the amount of malicious comments. This is just part of our mission to make oComments a safe and fun place for everyone to comment.